Why is Fried Food Bad?

Why is Fried Food Bad

Who does not love fried food? Fried food is the most common cooking method in the world that you can find anywhere.

Fast food restaurant , KFC and AW usually serves chicken, french fries, chicken wings, cheese stick, or mainly almost every food you can make it fried.

Mcdonald’s, KFC, and AW, they serve 24 hours which can make people readily eat it anytime.

Fried foods are also those kinds of late snack for some people to accompany them watching a film with friends.

Thinking about eating late and how is it bad to eat at late will make you realize that eating fried food might be as bad as eating at night. In short, This article will explain why is fried food bad to be consuming.

What is the reason fried food bad to be consuming?

Here are why you should avoid eating fried food:

1. It contains high calories

One of the most significant food contributors to the body’s calories is fried foods. When food is being fried, the water in food will disappear and will absorb the oil which causes drying.

If you notice it, fried food served in fast food restaurants are mostly foods coated with flour. Flour absorbs more oil if it is being fried.

Therefore, foods that are fried using flour will have more fat content than without powder. To be very exact, eating fried food with or without flour is the same issue as drinking diet or not coke.

Many people still think why is it diet coke bad for you when in fact it is worse than the usual one.

Why is diet coke bad for you because it contains sugar than the sugar-sweetened ones.

Why is Fried Food Bad
Why is Fried Food Bad

2. It may increase obesity

Fried is the cooking method that contains the most calories compared to others because it uses oil. Most of the fats in food are in the form of oil.

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Foods with the same weight, if it is cooked a differently, will contain different fats. For example, you cook 100gram chicken, and if it is prepared by frying, it will hold 165 calories.

However, if it is boiled, it contains 151 calories. It is because the water content in the food is absorbed and replaced by oil.

Imagine if you eat fried food every day, how many calories have entered, and if it is not balanced with enough exercise, it will increase the risk of obesity.

If you are on a diet, fried foods are foods to avoid when trying to lose weight. Instead, you have to eat high protein for weight loss.

You can have high protein foods list for weight loss so that you will not forget it.

3. It is the source of trans fat

Trans fat has two types, which are natural trans fat and artificial trans fat.

Natural is found in milk and meat while synthetic is made from the hydrogenation process, which is a process that converts oil to solid.

This oil is commonly used in fast food restaurants because the oil is durable and gives a distinctive taste.

It is why you should avoid eating food in a fast food restaurant. Besides, the food is not the type of food to eat when you have diarrhea.

Fried food is not that bad when you cook it in the right way.

Cooking with olive oil or making the homemade fried food is the answer from the question why is it fried food bad.

Besides, it is safer, and you can guarantee that the oil you use to cook only be used several times unlike the oil use in the restaurant.

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