No Flour No Sugar Diets: How it Works, Food List and More

No Flour No Sugar Diets

No flour no sugar diets sounds for most people is not consume carbs. It not true, it means people can consume carbs with low sugar.

Flour and sugar can include into carbs because it converts into glucose which is not good for body weight if over consume.

Consuming sugar in a day, you have to know how many grams of sugar should you have in a day to limit yourself sugar and flour contain. Read: 4 Best Diet for Fatty Liver

Tips for No Flour No Sugar Diets

Flour is a carbs source besides rice or oatmeal.

But flour has high carbs which can increase your body weight; however, people can still consume low carbs to stable body weight like oatmeal, corn, and red rice.

No flour no sugar diets is not leaving carbs but, limit or control carbs.

1. Natural Sugar from Fruits and veggies

Sweet fruits naturally should people eat without any sugar added. Sugar has been provided by fruit naturally will create sweet taste when it’s ripe.

Besides fruits, there are some veggies have sugar naturally.

So, don’t add more sugar when you make juice or processed fruits and vegetables. How much sugar should you eat in a day?

For fruits, 100 gr serving less than 10 gr natural sugar and for veggies 100 gr needs less than 2 gr.

2. Carbohydrate

Some people cannot do any sugar diets. It does not solve your problem not to leave carbs or sugar in your diet.

There are some carbs in low sugar such as brown rice, oats, quinoa, amaranth, and so on.

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All these foods have 3-gram sugar in 100-gram food serving without any topping.

Low carbs can be in your list of foods that lower blood sugar.

3. High protein

Fat and protein can endure hungrily. Fat and protein content can subordinate daily carbs as your fuel.

Meat is the primary protein source such as beef and chicken. Also, chicken’s liver has 0.17 carbs in 2 ounces.

Besides that, high protein can find in vegetables such as spinach, mushroom, peanuts, broccoli, and potato. Consuming high protein is a way of no flour no sugar diets.

4. High fiber

In doing no flour any sugar diets, eat food in high fiber can be your option. Eat fiber such as fruit 1-2 hours before lunch or dinner will reduce carbs contain enter your body.

The food contains fiber include a list of what to eat to lower blood sugar. Fiber will slow down food digestion which effects to replete for a long time.

Some fruits and veggies contain high fiber can you provide at homes such as pears, avocado, banana, raspberries, apple, broccoli, carrot and kidney beans.

Foods to avoid with high blood sugarcontain high sugar such as sweetened juice, rice, white bread, pasta, dried fruit, and sweetened cereal.

Also, foods with sugar added are not suitable for no flour no sugar diets. A question about how many grams of sugar in a day, American Heart Association said men should eat 37.5 gr sugar and women 25 gr sugar per day.

Limitation of consuming sugar prevents diabetes or high blood sugar. Then, an obstacle in reducing flour and sugar consume which effect to failed diet.

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