Is Bread Bad or Good for You? 4 Nutrition Facts and More

Is Bread Bad or Good

Bread is a western staple food that has kinds of it. Most bread made from flour contains gluten. Gluten doesn’t only come from wheat, it can find on cereal.

Gluten claimed as health food. Even it can be meat subordinate. If it is so, why do some people have gluten intolerance?

After eating bread with gluten, they face indigestion, anemia, even less vitamin, and mineral. So, is bread bad for you? Let’s see further discussion.

Let’s Answer A Question, Is Bread Bad for You?

Bread can be your option to enter into a list of foods that lower blood sugar. Bread has high calories and low fat.

So, it can be your carbs source to subordinate rice as solid food. However, consuming bread is bad things for some people because they can’t accept gluten content in their digestion. From that case, it will appear a question is bread bad for you?Not really.

1. Calories and Carbohydrate

Bread has high calories and carbs. For example, white bread contains 67 calories and 13 gr carbs in a slice. Bread is made by high protein flour to keep expanding.

Also, bread is your option intohigh protein foods list for weight loss. If we compare to diet coke that has no calorie but, why is diet coke bad for you?

Diet coke contains sugar made from artificial sweetener which effects to diabetes and heart attack.Is bread bad for you? For this case eat bread better than drink diet coke.

2. Fat Content

To answer is bread bad for you, knowing about fat content is essential. Bread has low-fat content, and whole-wheat bread has the highest fat around 2 gr in a thin slice.

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While white bread and sourdough bread have fat amount below whole-wheat bread. It’s not bad if you want to add cheese, nut, and chocolate as a bread topping for white bread.

Most of the fats in food are in the form ofdairy products like cheese, walnut, and chocolate those are not true. Three dairy products healthy food.

3. Gluten Free for Bread

It is good news for celiac disease. You may eat bread without gluten content. Some bakeries provide free gluten bread for celiac disease.

Also, check the ingredients if you buy bread in a package. Besides that, there are wheat flour surrogates such as almond flour and coconut flour you can choose to make homemade bread.

Nevertheless, is it bad to eat late at night?

Yes, it is. Bread has high carbs like rice that is a bad habit if you eat at late night. It will be weight gain.

4. Avoid Bread

Many foods without gluten content can be your option to leaven bread. Instead, wheat flour there is brown rice, tapioca, and potato flour.

Potato processed, low-fat foods are typically low in calories.Another healthy food such as mushroom, greens, fruits, also grains (avoid triticale, barley, barley, and wheat).

Occasionally, for intolerance gluten may drink zero calories like diet soda from Coca-Cola. However, diet coke is an unhealthy drink.

Why is diet soda bad for you? Because, diet coke has no calorie but, they have artificial sweetener which effects to diabetes. Finally, is bread bad for you? It depends on you.

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