How Much Caffeine in Decaf Coffee?


If you are one of those people who enjoy drinking coffee, you may be familiar with decaf coffee. It claims that decaf coffee has less caffeine rather than the usual one.

It then becomes an alternative for those who want to drink coffee but are sensitive to caffeine. You may be wondering how much caffeine since many people said that it has less caffeine.

This article will help you find out how much caffeine does decaf coffee have actually.

What is Decaf Coffee?

Decaf coffee is the kind of coffee which the caffeine’s container has been lowered to the lowest level through decaffeination. Decaf coffee still contains caffeine but is the amount of caffeine is removed to 97%.

Why Decaf Coffee?

Coffee can make you gain weight if you drink it with sugar and milk. Instead, it is the right choice if you choose to drink a black coffee without any additional.

But if you still choose to drink coffee with sugar you should find out how much sugar should you have in a day.

By knowing how much sugar should you eat in a day you will measure how much sugar will you put on your coffee.

Based on the recommendation from The Ministry of Public Health Of Indonesia, the limit consumption of sugar, salt, and fat per person for a day is 50 gram of salt, the same amount as 5 to 9 teaspoon of sugar, 5 gram of salt.

Moreover, if you think you are too much in drinking coffee, you can take vitamin C to neutralize it. Maybe there is a question like how much vitamin c should I take a day, you need to consume 500mg vitamin C.

For a coffee addict, you have to balance your body by drinking a lot of water so that you will not gain weight.

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If you are curious how much water should I drink a day to lose weight, it depends on your weight and size.

What activities do you do also can affect how much you should drink per day. Here is an example to know how much water should you drink based on weight.

You can divide your weight to 30 and the answer is the amount of water that you should per day. For example, you weight 66, divided by 30 so the amount of water that you should take is 1,980 liter.

Rather than thinking how much do weight loss surgeries cost, this is the best way to lose your weight.

You can also try consuming vitamin D to loss weight. If you are curious how much vitamin d should I take to lose weight, you can consume 15mcg per day or 600 UI per day.

Decaf coffee contains 2,4% magnesium, 4,8% potassium, 2,5% niacin or vitamin B3, and 15% antioxidant.

But how much potassium do you need a day?

You need to consume 3.500mg potassium per day. If you are asking how much magnesium should I take a day, for men adults, they need 400mg per day. For women adults, they need 310mg per day.

Decaf coffee comes offering a new alternative for drinking coffee. It is not it does not have caffeine, how much caffeine in decaf coffee is less than the usual one.

But you should also consider the fact that coffee may make you gain weight so balance it with drinking much water and some vitamin.

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