Foods High In Vitamin B12: 10+ Best Source List

Foods High In Vitamin B12

You can get foods high in vitamin B12 as a daily menu. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that your body cannot make.

That makes you have to get it from food or supplements. You also need to choose foods and supplements that are right for your body.

Vitamin B12 foods for vegetarians, pregnant or lactating women, and other people at high risk of deficiency.

When you are on a diet, it is necessary to track the diet carefully to ensure they get enough vitamin B12. The body’s vitamin B12 needs must be fulfilled every day.

This article lists 12 vitamins b12 foods lists to add to your shopping list. It will also help you get a varied food menu every day, so you don’t feel bored.

To get the food is also not a tricky thing, so there is no reason not to meet the needs of vitamin b12.

What is Vitamin B12?

This vitamin is one that is soluble in water and has many essential functions in the body.

It is also necessary to keep your nerves healthy and support the production of DNA and red blood cells and maintain healthy brain function.

The recommended daily intake (RDI) is around 2.4 mcg.

How to get vit12 b12 naturally?

Vitamin B12 is absorbed in the stomach with the help of proteins called intrinsic factors.

The body stores excess vitamin B12 in the liver; when you consume more than RDI, the body will store it for future use.

You may experience vitamin B12 deficiency if your body doesn’t produce enough intrinsic factors, or if you don’t eat enough foods rich in vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products, especially meat and milk products. Vitamin B12 Rich Indian Foods can also be an option.

Vitamin B12 Foods
Vitamin B12 Foods

Top Foods High In Vitamin B12

Here are 12 healthy foods that are very high in vitamin B12

1. Tuna

Some people may take vitamin B12 injections to get vitamins faster. However, when you want a more natural one, tuna can be the best choice.

Tuna is a commonly consumed fish and a significant source of nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Tuna contains high concentrations of vitamin B12, especially in the muscles just below the skin, known as deep muscles.

One serving of 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of fresh tuna contains almost 160% RDI for vitamins.

2. Enriched Yeast Nutrition

Nutritional yeast can be the right choice for you, which is included in foods rich in vitamin b12 for vegetarians.

Nutritious yeast is a good source of vegan protein, vitamins, and minerals. This is a species of yeast grown explicitly for use as food, not as a yeast agent in bread and beer.

3. Trout

Rainbow trout is considered one of the healthiest fish available with a source of protein, healthy fats, and vitamin B.

One serving of 3.5 ounces (100 gram) trout fillet offers about 125% of RDI for vitamin B12 and more than 1,300 mg of omega fatty acids -3. RDI for combined eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) omega-3 fatty acids is 250-500 mg.

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4. Liver and Kidney Animals

When do you ask what foods are high in vitamin B12? So, organ meat is some of the most nutritious foods.

The liver and kidneys, primarily from sheep, are rich in vitamin B12. Serving 3.5-ounces (100 grams) of sheep liver provides 1,500% RDI which is extraordinary for vitamin B12.

5. Shells

This mollusk is a source of lean protein and contains a very high concentration of vitamin B12. You can get more than 3,300% RDI in only 20 small shells.

Whole baby clams, also provide large amounts of iron, with almost 300% RDI in 20 small shells.

6. Sardines

Sardines are small, soft-bred fish. They are usually sold in cans in water, oil or sauce, although you can also buy them fresh.

Sardines are very nutritious because they contain almost every nutrient in the right amount. One cup (150 grams) of dried sardines provide more than twice the RDI for vitamin B12.

7. Beef

Beef is the most common source of vitamin B12 to overcome vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms.

One toasted flat iron steak (about 186 grams) provides nearly 200% RDI for vitamin B12 (13). This also includes food that can be easily found.

8. Enriched cereals

This source of vitamin B12 can work well for vegetarians and vegans because it is made synthetically and does not come from animal sources.

Although not generally approved as part of a healthful diet, fortified cereals can be a good source of B vitamins, especially B12.

9. Salmon

Famous salmon has one of the highest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. However, it is also an excellent source of B vitamins.

Half fillets (178 grams) of cooked salmon can pack more than 80% RDI for vitamin B12.

10. Fortified Nondairy Milk

Non-milk milk is trendy among those who want a nutritious vegan substitute for cow’s milk.

Although soy milk, almonds, and rice are naturally not high in vitamin B12, they are usually enriched, making them an excellent source of this vitamin.

11. Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products such as yogurt and cheese are sources of protein and some vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12.

One cup (240 ml) of pure milk supplies 18% RDI for vitamin B12. Swiss cheese has been shown to have the highest vitamin B12 content. One ounce (30 grams) of Swiss cheese can contain around 16% of RDI (32).

12. Eggs

Eggs are a source of complete protein and vitamin B, especially B2 and B12. Two large eggs (100 grams) supply about 22% RDI for vitamin B12, plus 28% RDI for vitamin B2.


Foods high in vitamin B12 are essential when you know your body’s need for vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is the primary nutrient your body needs for many essential functions.

Vitamin B12 can be found in large quantities in animal products, fortified foods, and dietary supplements. Some of the richest sources are liver, beef, sardines, shellfish, and dairy products.

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