4 Blood Type A Diet Foods List

Blood Type A

Blood type diet system has a different way that categorized on blood type. This is an effective way to adjust food ton control body weight selectively.

By selecting right for blood type, A, it will help you to avoid some food is not healthy for blood to type A diet.

For example, foods to avoid with high blood pressure should not eat, if you have an issue with high blood pressure.

Then, this article will discuss blood type A diet foods list by categorizing kinds of health food or not.

Blood Type, A Diet Foods List, Should You Eat and Avoid

Blood type A diet foods listemphasize on vegetarian dietary habit. Vegetarian diet only can eat fish, and they can’t eat beef, chicken, lamb, or pork.

Low protein allowed to people with blood type A. because meat and high protein are recommended people to eat right for your blood type o.

The main reason why people with blood type A to avoid eat meat is low acid level that causes in digesting food, especially foods in animal protein and fat.

Blood Type A Diet Foods
Blood Type A Diet Foods

1. Greens

Greens are the most recommended food for blood type A people. Lawns should be into blood type A diet foods listas the main meal. Unfortunately, some people dislike eating greens to gain an ideal body.

However, greens are compulsory food for blood type A diet. Also, greens are the main answer of what to eat to lower blood sugar.

2. Nuts

What foods to eat to lower cholesterol? Nuts. Nuts are good for blood type A diet. This blood type A diet foods list can protect the heart by additional nutrients content from the nut.

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Walnuts, peanuts, and almond can you eat an as healthy snack. Also, soybean is good for blood type A. Soybean can bring down cholesterol 5%-6% by consuming around 25 gr.

3. Carbs

Eating rice or oats are compulsory for blood to type A diet. All carbs sources include into cereal that you can enter into a list of foods that lower blood sugar.

However, carbs source should you limit or avoid because it is a trigger of diverticulitis.

What are the trigger foods for diverticulitis?

High fibers such as quinoa, oats, and brown rice. If you have an issue with diverticulitis, white rice, white pasta, and white bread should you eat, without gluten added.

4. Fruits

Eating fruits is the right choice for blood type A diet foods list.

Fruits have good fiber as enduring hunger. Also, fruits have potassium as electrolyte and maintain muscle function and control the heart.

What foods are high in potassium to avoid? Banana. Avoid banana if you have a problem with potassium, eat apple, berries, pineapple, and watermelon to slow down your potassium.

Most of the fats in food are in the form ofmeat like chicken, beef, lamb, or pork. For blood type, A diet should avoid meat although it has high protein.

Blood type A people have a big problem in food digestion that causes by low stomach acid.

Therefore, high protein foods list for weight lossthat you can enter into blood type A diet foods listare cereal, fish (salmon and tuna), greens, and potato.

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